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Green building (structural framework) includes:

  1. Thermal insulation air gap blocks for outer leaf
  2. Screed floor with admixtures for sound insulation
  3. Walls are plastered with ecologically-clean building materials produced by German company “knauf”
  4. Balconies are floored and faced with frost-resistant ceramic granite-produced in Europe
  5. Dividing wall of flats are made of double-blocking and sound insulation (soundproofing) membrane
  6. Internal walls, central heating and electrical system can be planned individually
  7.  The circuit breaker is done with universal rosette
  8. The collector system of central heating with installed storage tanks, sectional aluminum radiator and dryer
  9. Black thermal insulation aluminum doors and windows with double glazing
  10. Utilities are installed (electricity, gas, water)
  11. Two elevators in each entrance hall (for people and for loads)
  12. Iron doors with Italian coded lock
  13. Gas pipe system is installed, equipped with CO (Carbon monoxide) detectors and automatic gas shut-off velve
  14. Walls are plastered near the sewers and plumbing is installed according to the plan
VIdeo Title and some more info VIdeo Title and some more info
50000 M.