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  • Total Area:
    215 m2
  • Price:
    627,302 ₾
  • Balcony :
    6.5 m2
  • Yard:
    55 m2
  • Condition:
  • Cadastre Data:
  • * ბინის რენდერებზე წარმოდგენილი გეგმარება (მასალა) არის საილუსტრაციო
Payment terms
  • General price
    627,302 ‎₾
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“Grada Villa” is the name of the new concept residential area in Dighomi created by Grada Development. It is located in a central, ecologically clean and cozy place, 3 minutes walk from the “City Court” of Tbilisi.
If we talk about the neighborhood in general, it is a residence based on modern concepts. Here, every detail is fully adapted to the needs of residents, maximum comfort and safety. To achieve all this, the project’s creators took into account all the big and small issues with jewel-like precision. As a result, “Grada Villa” consists of 16 high-quality, high-tech three-story houses. The total area of each of them is 215 square meters.
Let’s go to a more detailed description: on the first floor there is a studio-type living room with a kitchen with stained glass windows, which adds a special effect. Also, there is a bathroom. On the second floor, there are 3 bedrooms with balconies, a storage room and a bathroom.
As for the minus one floor, there is a studio-type living room with a kitchen, an isolated stained glass space for wine and a bathroom.
For “high-tech” and “highest quality” not to remain only as hyped ideas, we will tell you in detail about the materials used in the residential complex. First of all, the external filling walls are built with thermal insulating gas blocks of the German brand YTONG. At the same time, the walls are still plastered with environmentally friendly material from the German brand KNAUF — and in today’s reality, special preference is given to environmentally healthy products. This is an additional pleasant factor for residents. 
In addition, since safety is a necessary guarantee for all of us, electric and weak current cables are laid with cable products of the Czech brand Draka. This means that the residential complex is protected from problems related to wiring.
In addition, the balconies are covered with frost-resistant ceramic granite. For more effect, the residential complex uses black aluminum doors and windows, German brand ROTO accessories, double glazing and an opening-hanging function. On the one hand, it is necessary to take into account their effective protection, durability and temperature maintenance – they provide warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
Added to this is the fact that the residential complex has an Italian boiler, sectional aluminum radiators and a dryer.
Due to the fact that the “Grada Villa” project is also associated with ecological health, here you will also find a well-furnished yard with an automatic lawn irrigation system. Moreover, in order to provide more comfort for the residents, a well-furnished yard is allocated, with an individual parking space, and an automatic opening door with an intercom. So they don’t really have to worry about where to park their cars…